Rotary Club of Secunderabad West

Rs.1.3 Crores worth of projects completed


111 RO Plants

Touching the lives of nearly 2.5 Lakh people

The Fight Against Fluorosis  - Safe Drinking Water

Fluorosis – Water Related Disease caused by excess of Flouride in drinking water.

Permissible limit of fluoride in drinking water – 0.5 PPM Actual flouride content in drinking water – 4 to 20 PPM

Impact of Fluorosis:-
Skelatal fluorosis (Crippled Skeletal System – bone softening & twisted legs/hands),
Dental fluorosis (Staining , pitting of teeth & enamel damage)

More than 1 Lakh people directly affected in Nalgonda District alone due to fluorosis.

Most affected areas - Districts surrounding Hyderabad - Medak, Mahaboobnagar, Warangal , Nalgonda (Worst affected)

Our Club’s initiative
Rotary Club of Secunderabad West, with the support of other regional/international Rotary clubs, matching grant partners and Government agencies, has installed more than 111 RO Plants in RI District 3150.

We have been installing several Reverse Osmosis plant to provide Clean and Safe Drinking water in various towns, villages and Schools. Also the Ground Water in Nalgonda District contains very high Flouride content which causes the disease - Flourosis. There is no proper cure for this disease and people suffer life long with crippled arms and legs. Through installing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, Rotary is helping people to get access to Clean and Safe Drinking Water. RO plants are installed at the village level and school level.

There are two categories of the Reverse Osmosis project:-

a) Matching Grants

b) APSW School - 50:50 partnership with AP social Welfare department, Andhra Pradesh Government. Under this scheme, APSW society deposits 50% of the contribution to Rotary Seva Trust Account and balance 50% is given by any Donor which is deposited into Rotary Seva Trust (RST) account. RST executes and completes the project.

Please click on the following links to read the report on few RO Plant inauguration:-

RO Plant Inauguration on 29 May 2012
RO Plant at Suryapet 19 Aug 2012
RO Plant Inauguration 27 May 2012