Rotary Club of Secunderabad West


Rotarians, Anns and Annettes of our Club celebrated the New Year 2011 in a great way.. On 08th Jan 2011, as the sun was setting, the President's Mr.Desai's House saw Rotarians assembling one by one along with variety of items for dinner (which was organized as potluck)...The atmosphere was charged with Rotarians greeting each other for the new year and Annetts running around playing variety of games.

The program started in a formal way with President's address and Secretary's announcments. However this was shortlived as the fun was unleashed for the new year party. It started with Tambola (Housie) with very enthusiastic participation with people from age groups 7 to 70 participating in the same.

This was followed by an innovative Memory game conducted by Rtn.Naina Desai and Ann.Vasundhari which saw people gettinginto serious business of the game. While the fun was on, a small group were working swiftly making preparations for the Dinner.

The food was quiet unique and offbeat..including Pani Poori, Bhel Poori, Pav Bhaji, Cut Fruits. For the Non-Confirmist, there was a lonely dish for non-conformist the "Curd Rice" also..

It was great to see the enthusiasm, Communion and Harmony of the participants (nearly 50 participants). Indeed a great wayto welcome and start the new year..

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