Rotary Club of Secunderabad West
Avoidable Blindness Project

In tune with our club motto - Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya (leading from darkness to light) our club has been supporting Avoidable Blindness project for the past 10 years, through Sadhuram Eye Hospital (Himayath Nagar) and Pushpagiri Eye Hospital (PVRI) - West Maredpally, Secunderabad.

  • By Contributing just Rs.1000 you can save the eye sight of one needy person...
  • Contact us to support our Avoidable Blindness project

Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam (Among all organs of our body Eye is most important)

Every year we restore the eye sight for Hundreds of needy people with the help of the below two Eye hospitals. 

This year also we plan to support more Eye Surgeries by supporting Pushpagiri Vitero Retina Institute, Maredpally, Secunderabad.

Join us in this great initiative of lighting the lives of people and giving them sight /livelihood.

IOL Operations at Pushpagiri Eye Hospital


IOL Operations at Sadhuram Eye Hospital