Rotary Club of Secunderabad West


The festive mood was enhanced by the ambience at Emerald Park, Annojiguda where the Rotary Club of Secunderabad West had the Deepavali Fellowship on 6th November, 2010. The lazy afternoon started with persons trickling in from 2 PM onwards. By 3 PM, the mood had set in. The gents and children went off to the badminton court to try their hand with the shuttlecock. Rtn.S.Anil Kumarwas the one running about and organizing the game. Though a lot of them were obviously out of practice, the windy weather proved a good enough excuse. The ladies gathered together to exchange notes on Deepavali, which was celebrated the previous day.

The mood was heightened by 3:30 PM with the arrivalof the orchestra and the laying out of the snacks brought by various members and guests. The mood was in full swing when the singer started with a Kishore Kumar number from "Kati Patang" movie. After a couple of songs, the President, Rtn.D.J.Desai  and first lady, Rtn.Naina Desai decided that they should lead the way and danced to a song of the fifties.

With President and First lady dancing to the tunes, this set the ball rolling and soon a number of Annes, Annets and Rotarians took to the floor and let their hair down. For three hours, the orchestra and the dancing entertained the audience.

In the meantime, Snacks counter was open with a variety spread. Rtn.M.S.Raghava had taken charge of the entire food arrangement and a lot of Rotarians pitched in to help.

By now, it was dark and the flood lights were switched on giving the whole place a fairyland like aura.

On the sidelines, the sweet making competition attracted seven competitors. This competition had been arranged at the request of DGN Rtn.TVR Murthi. A panel consisting of  Rtn.Mythili Gajendran, Rtn.Naina Desai and Rtn.Vikas Singh Bayas, adjudged the competition and declared Anne Dr.Sarojini, wife of Rtn.R.P.Baghavan as the winner and Rtn.Geetha Raghava, wife of Rtn.M.S.Raghava as the runnerup. Gifts were presented to all the participants by our Senior Rtn.R.Nagraj and Asst.Governor Rtn.N.Sivakumar.

Through all this, Annet Aditya Mopur, son of Rtn.M.S.Raghava and his friends were busy clicking away with their cameras.

This was followed by the firing of firecrackers – where children enjoyed and adults became children all over again. After an hour long firing of crackers, everyone moved to the dining table where a delicious spread awaited them. After dinner, the children followed Rtn.Gajendran – a la Pied Piper – since he was distributing chocolates which he had brought from his recent visit to the USA.

On the whole, a day where everyone enjoyed and fun element of Rotary was evident. One prospective Rotarian who attended as aguest was very much impressed by the fun and camaraderie among the members. Indeed, a Deepavali Fellowship that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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