Rotary Club of Secunderabad West

District Governor Official Visit 2010

A very important day in the calendar of any Rotary Club is the official visit of the District Governor. For the Rotary Clubof Secunderabad West, this day was on 30th January 2010 when District Governor [DG], Rotary International  District 3150 Rtn.C.Suresh was on his official visit to the Club for the entire day.

The day began with a  breakfast meeting where the DG discussed Club matters along with Assistant District Governor [ADG] Rtn.Lokesh Jain, President Rtn.S.Gajendran, Secretary Rtn.M.S.Raghava and Imm.PP Rtn.N.Sivakumar.

They all proceeded to Madhav Vidyalaya, Balajinagar,Secunderabad - the school adopted by our Rotary Club. DG and ADG were very impressed atthe way the School has received support from our Club. He discussed with the Principal and the staff members and went round the school and inspected the RO Plant [water purifying unit],  Borewell, Library and school benches provided by our Club. The students put up a very impressive programme. The discipline and training were obvious. DG addressed the students and exhorted them to study and becomeimportant members in society. When he asked one of the students of class V what she wanted, she boldly replied that she would like to studyfurther and hoped that the School which presently has classes up to Class V will become a High School.

When he asked another small girl what she wanted, she suggested thatsome playground equipment (swings etc) would be nice to have. DG, with his characteristic magnanimity, announced that Rotary would be supplyingthe playground equipment shortly.

A Board of Directors Meeting was held at the Country Club. DG and ADG were appraised of the progress in various avenues of service by the respective Directors. Where the Directors were not present due to some other engagement, another Board Member read out the report. DG examined all the club records and expressed satisfaction.

In the evening, there was a General Meeting. The meeting commenced with a prayer song by Rtn.R.Asha and Ann Srinandini - wife and daughter of Rtn.R.Vijayanandan Reddy. Rtn. S.Gajendran welcomedthe gathering and gave a bird's eye view of the activities of the Club for the past six months. Secretary Rtn.M.S.Raghava made a very impressive power point presentation. The photographs were eloquent testimony to the achievements of the club in various avenues of service.The narrations by Rtn.Raghava added to the effect.

Two new members, Rtn.Vikas Singh Baya and Rtn. Anjiah Yadav  were inducted. The oath was administered by ADG Rtn.LokeshJain, the lapel pin was affixed by DG Rtn.C.Suresh and the welcome kit was presented by President Rtn.S.Gajendran. Both the new members spoke after induction and felt that Rotary would give them the opportunity to serve society. DG mentioned that only 10% of Rotarians bring in new members and so he personally recognized Rtn.D.J.Desai and Rtn.Baghwan for bringing in the new members by presenting a flower to each of them. ADG Rtn.Lokesh Jain was all praise for our Club and used superlatives throughout his speech to describe our achievements.

Immediate Past President and District Secretary Rtn.N.Sivakumar introduced DG Rtn.C.Suresh. In a departure from the usual reading of the bio-data, Rtn.Sivakumar expressed the high regard and affection with which he personally and Rotarians of the District hold the District Governor Rtn.C.Suresh. Later, DG in his speech acknowledged that he had never received such an affectionate introduction before.

DG Rtn.C.Suresh spoke about Rotary. He traced theorigins of the Rotary Club and its growth in expanse and reach. He was all praise for the excellent work done by our Club. He said that our Club scored ten-on-ten in all areas and the only two areas where we haveyet to achieve our targets is membership and the Rotary Foundation. Regarding membership, he noted that we were confident of achieving a netincrease of 5 members this year. He also expressed confidence that in the coming months the President and Secretary will put in efforts to seethat they achieve the target for contribution to the Rotary Foundation which they had set for themselves. He also spoke about the magic of Rotary. The new members were overwhelmed especially since he pointedly included them by name during his speech.

DG was all praise for our signature project, the Career Guidance Sminar under the captaincy of Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana  andhe said he always looked forward to reading the Club e-bulletin Beacon. He said he especially liked the new item on Book Pick.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Vice President Rtn.D.J.Desai and after allegiance to the Four-Way Test and the national anthem, a sumptuous and delicious dinner rounded off the day.
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