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Seminar - Career Options in Sales & Marketing - Sep 2012

On Sunday, 2nd September, 2012 Rotary Seva Trust (sponsored by Rotary Club of Secunderabad West), jointly with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conducted a seminar on “Career Options in Sales and Marketing”.

The name of seminar was i3 Connect - Connecting Individual - Institution - Industry.

The venue, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, King Koti Road, Hyderabad was agog with excited youngsters – over 500 of them. In the inaugural session Rtn.Vijaynandan Reddy, President of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West (RCSW) welcomed the audience and the event chair Rtn.Neti Sharma explained the objective of the seminar. He explained that the purpose ofthe Seminar was to help students make an informed choice regarding their future career options.

Chief Guest Mr.Raja Sekhar, CEE of NTV gave an excellent speech on the subject. Speaking in Telugu, he asked the youth to differentiate between job and career and between money and wealth. Attachment to job and money will limit a person’s growth while concentrating on career and wealth would take them to great heights.

The mood for the seminar was set by Dr.AK Rao, founder and CEO of Supply Chain Central and Ex-Director of ISB who was the key note speaker. He outlined the need for focus in planning one’s future career. He touched upon the growth in economy and the consequent increase in opportunities in Sales and Marketing.  


Shri Naresh Kumar, Director(Academic), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Institute of Communication and Management, Hyderabad Kendra & Faculty, Mass Communication, Public Relation and Journalism, introduced the various programs offered by Bhavan’s College of Communication and Management and followed it up by a video on marketing which was very well received by the audience.

Rtn Dipankar Dasgupta, Secretary RCSW proposed the vote of thanks. He thanked Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the speakers, the sponsors and the various institutions that supported the seminar .

This was followed by two technical sessions. In the first session, Shri Asim Sathpathy, Sr. Manager-HRD, ITD Marketing, ITC Limited, spoke on the “Emerging trends of talent acquisition in sales and marketing”. He touched upon the newer areas that have emerged since globalization of the economy.

Shri K.V.S.Prasad CEO of Sanzyme Ltd., spoke about the special paradigm of sales and marketing in the Pharma Industry. He started by mentioning that the Pharma industry does not directly sell to the users, that is, patients and has to necessarily go through doctors and pharmacists. He elaborated on the wide spectrum of jobs now available in the Pharma sector in the field of Sales and Marketing.

The strapping Shri V.Vishnu, Corporate Territory Manager of Microsoft was like a breath of fresh air. This young gentleman spoke about his own career path and led the audience through the entire vista of opportunities in the sales and marketing in the IT sector.

A snack break followed the first technical session. The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and sumptuous snacks offered.

The second technical session had Shri S.V.Giri, M.D., Magnus Solutions and Ex-Head Marketing, Xerox. He spoke about  “Selling and Excelling”.

Ms.Priya Iyengar, Senior Partner in the legal firm Garg & Partners & visiting faculty at Dhruva College of Business Management, spoke about emerging job markets and briefly touched upon the opportunities in the legal field.

CEO and Chief Trainer of Dev Training UKLtd., Shri Dev was the darling of the crowd. He spoke on “Psychology and Sales”. Right from the word go, he had the audience eating out of his palm. He spoke about the psychological factors that have to be takeninto account when marketing a product and clinching the sale.

Shri Kiran Biligiri, CEO, Biligiri Group(Moksh/Utsav) was another ace in the pack. His talk on how to go about building a career in sales and marketing went down very well with the audience which lapped up every word that he uttered.

The concluding session had an eminent speaker from ABC Consultants, Shri Shashikanth Reddy, Regional Head, ABCConsultants Ltd. He was the one who connected the three i’s in this i3 seminar (individual, institution and industry). He spoke about what the employers look for when hiring people. Some very useful tips were given to the delegates.

In the absence of Senior Rotarian KL Manohar, Chairman, Rotary Seva Trust, who had to leave before the end ofthe seminar, PP Rtn.D.J.Desai read out his Words of Wisdom.

A visibly happy Rtn.Neti Sharma, Event Chair and an equally exuberant Director (Young Generation), Rtn.Dr.Arpitha thanked the entire team of Rotarians of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West  for the success of the seminar. Rtn.Naina Desai compered the Inaugural Session while Rtn.Neti Sharma and Rtn.S.Anil Kumar, Vice-President conducted the Technical Sessions. Before the end of the session, a competition was announced for students to participate in presentations based on the Hindi  film “Rocket Singh –Salesman” or the Telugu film “Eega”.  

The program concluded with National Anthem. A video of hearing and speech challenged children singing the national anthem in sign language with the music playing in the background was screened. Many were seen wiping tears from their eyes by the time it concluded. It was overheard in the corridors that many students were planning to attend the seminar to be conducted next year.

A team of Rotarians from our Club had been slogging it out for more than a month, planning, going round colleges, meeting probable sponsors and arranging the various items required for the seminar. On the day of the seminar, this team was ably assisted by the volunteers, under the guidance of  PP Rtn. M.S.Raghava & Rtn.R.P.Baghavan. Our Anns and Lady Rotarians managed the registration desk and the handbook counters along with the volunteers. Rtn.Rajesh Jain managed the difficult task of snacks distribution with the help of a dozen volunteers. PP Rtn. Sivakumar provided the mineral water for the day. Our senior Rtn. PDG Dr.T.Rangiah graced the occasion.He, along with Rtn.Linga Reddy, President RC Bhuvanagiri and some otherPast Presidents of Bhuvanagiri, mobilized a bus-load of students for attending the seminar.

Our Club also received a written messagefrom one of the participants. This is reproduced below. It is testimony, if one is required, to the fact that the organizers have achieved what they set out to do – A real compliment to the working teamfor the wonderful Seminar. It proved once again that teamwork succeeds.

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Feedback from Participant

Connecting the Dots with i3 Connect

Whenopportunity knocks, grab it. And to ensure that you don’t lose it, grabit with both hands. Such was the case when I got an opportunity to be amember of the project team, a volunteer and a participant for a seminaron ‘Career options in Sales and Marketing’ organized by Rotary Club of Secunderabad West at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. Books tell us everything that we need to know, knowledge has no boundaries and barriers. But whena fresher like me is gearing up to enter that corporate warzone, I needto understand what the industry expects from me and what are the skills/ competencies that I need to equip myself with to ensure that notonly do I survive the battle, but end up on top. This platform i.e. theseminar helped me connect the dots and gave a clear idea of the gaps that I had to fill in order to prepare myself. The seminar helped me understand the importance of certain skills required in Sales and Marketing, where you don’t sell a product, but you sell your confidence.The speakers, who came from various sectors (IT, Pharma, FMCG, etc) gave their own perspective of the opportunities available from an industry point of view and the competencies required. It was a complete package. This was the first instance that I had participated in a seminar organized by Rotary Club and I would like to thank Rotary Club for the opportunity and for organizing such a wonderful event.

Murtaza Abbas

Aurora’s Business School