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Seminar Empowers Youth With Career Options

13th September, 2009 was like any other day in Hyderabad, India. But, this Sunday was very different for the 800 plus budding professionals, students, parents and lecturers who were going to attend the Seminar on "Career Options with Professional Qualifications- Company Secretay [CS], Cost & Works Accountant [CWA] and Chartered Accountant [CA] organized by the Rotary Club of Secunderabad West

at the sprawling APSRTC Kala Bhavan AC Auditorium, the venue of the event. This Annual Career Event organised by the Club, fourth in the series, was to mark the NewGeneration Month observed by Rotary all over the world.

The Seminar was also different on another count what with the career aspirants queued up from 8:30 AM onwards  to register for the seminar, collect Free Hand Book and filling the hall much before the clock struck  9-30 a.m.
Focus on youth:
The inauguralsession commenced with the Event Chair  Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana calling the dignitaries to the dais. Since we begin any enterprise after seekingthe blessings of the Divine, Ms. Prasanna was invited to render an invocation song in her mellifluous voice. President Rtn.S.Gajendran delivered the welcome address. He mentioned that this was the fourth successive year that our Club has been conducting such seminars on career options.He explained about Rotary activities and especially the projects undertaken by our Club to help the underprivileged sections of society. Since September is a month dedicated to the New Generations in the Rotary Calendar, the focus is on youth.
Informed choices:
Director -Service Projects Rtn.Naina Desai spoke next and outlined the reasons for selecting this particular topic this year. She expressed that in these days of economic downturn, these professions have come into special focus and also that these are the professions that have been least affected by the downturn and hence the choice. She felt such seminars would help the youth make informed choices in their careers andcareer-growth strategy.  Vice-President Rtn.D.J.Desai then introduced the Chief Guest, District Governor Rotary International District 3150 Rtn.C.Suresh. The dignitaries then lighted the lamp symbolic of the lighting of the lamp of knowledge & wisdom.
Work towards a goal:
Rtn.C.Suresh, Rotary District Governor delivered his keynote address"Rotarians Way to Walk with Youth". In his typical style,  Rtn.Suresh enthralled the audience with his talk. He told the youth that they should have a goal in life and then work towards the goal. He gave the example of the polio-stricken boy who went on to become a world-class hockey player through sheer determination. He also gave the example of Michaelangelo who took just as much care when painting in thecorners of the ceiling of Sistine Chapel as he did for the centerpiece.When someone told him that no one would see the corners, he replied, "Yes, but God will see." It is this dedication to the art and eye for details which has made him immortal. Rtn.Suresh exhorted the youth to imbibe such dedication and sincerity and then, he said, nothing would seem difficult or impossible.The inaugural session was concluded with the vote of thanks by Secretary Rtn.M.S.Raghava.

Next Generation Company Secretary:
The first session was dedicated to Company Secretary Profession. Shri Datla Hanumantha Raju, President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India spoke on "Next Generation Company Secretary".  

He started by telling the students that the Rotary Club of Secunderabad West did not owe them anything and had conducted this seminar out of love for the youth and likened this to the love of a mother who does so many things for her child without any expectations. He then spoke about the scope of the profession of Company Secretary. Hementioned that this is one profession where a person enters the Corporate Board Room from day one- a great responsibility indeed. He went on to explain how a student should acquire the necessary qualifications and the necessary expertise to handle the situations.  Shri Sudhir Babu C, Central Council Member - The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, made a presentation on "Career Choices for Company Secretary". He mentioned about the various options available to a Company Secretary after completing the prescribed courseand training. Earlier, Event Chair and Seminar Moderator,  Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana introduced speakers and the subject to the audience.

ICWAI Going Global:
After a comfort break when snacks were served to the participants, the second session speakers were introduced by Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana  The chief speakers were Shri A.S. Durga Prasad, Central Council Member of the  , and Shri A.N.Raman, Central Council Member, both from The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. 

Shri Durga Prasad started with the announcement that the ICWAI Institute will henceforth be called the Institute of Cost and ManagementAccountants of India. This has been a long-standing demand of the members and gives the Institute its correct perspective and the nomenclature is on par with what is being followed in the rest of the world. He spoke on "ICWAI Going Global". He emphasized the importance ofhaving a global perspective in this day and age. Shri Raman spoke on "Career Choices for Cost & Management Accountant". He  explained the role of the Cost and Management Accountants in any organization and emphasized the key role played by them in guiding the management to takethe correct financial decisions. He has provided the participants, a clear picture as to the general accounting qualifications and the recognised Accounting professional Qualification like Cost & Management Accountant.

CAs Work With World:
The third session was devoted to Chartered Accountants profession and its opportunities. Our own Rotarian K.Prabahakar Rao, Director Capital IQ, Hyderabad, spoke on "Career Choices for Chartered Accountant". He was introduced by Rtn. S.V.Suryanarayana who mentioned that Rtn.Prabhakar has the rare distinction of having all the three qualifications of CA,CWA and CS.

Rtn.Prabhakar made an impressive powerpoint presentation. He had the audience with him from the word go. He started and concluded with quotations from Swami Vivekananda. He used his own example and also showed a clipping ofa film showing the breaking-in of a Kung-Fu novice. With these examples, he illustrated that though everything seems difficult in the beginning, achievement is possible through focus, determination and perseverance. Using the example of his own organization which employs  hundreds of Chartered Accountants and a number of CWAs and CSs, he said that though they held qualifications from India, they were working for clients all over the globe. Hence, there was a need to have a global picture of everything. 

Human Values & Professional Ethics:
TheWords of Wisdom were imparted by Swami Anupamanandaji, Director, Vivekananda Institute of Languages. He spoke on the importance of human values and professional ethics. He mentioned theexamples of some scams to illustrate how persons who had reached the pinnacle of material advancement ended up in jail, losing all their respect and standing in society. On the other hand, he also gave the example of Former President of India Dr.Abdul Kalam, who was invited to occupy the highest seat in the country. Dr.Kalam was a dedicated scientist and through his hard work, sincerity, values and ethics came to occupy the highest post in the country. He said such persons should act as our inspiration. He felt that though material advancement is good, it can only help mankind if the values and ethics are intact. 

All said & done:
Vice-President Rtn.D.J.Desai then called all the Rotarians of RotaryClub of Secunderabad West on to the dais and acknowledged the work eachhad done for the seminar. He specially thanked the President Rtn.S.Gajendran for steering the ship through thick and thin during the organizing of this seminar. He thanked the Secretary Rtn.M.S.Raghava andsaid that he knew from his own experience the previous year what sort of responsibility a Secretary has to shoulder. He also lauded the efforts of Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana, the Event Chair, who has been the driving force behind these seminars conducted each year. He also thankedRtn.K.Prabhakar the Co-Chair. These persons have really put in a lot ofefforts for the success of the seminar. From conception to planning andexecution, they have done a wonderful job.  Rome, it is said, was not built in a day. Similarly, it is just not possible to conduct a seminar of this magnitude without active participation from the members and their families. More than half the members of the club and their families were actively involved - going to colleges and addressing the students, running around to get sponsors, proof-reading, printing of material -Brochures, Hand book, Posters, Badges, Banners etc. etc.. The effective assistance of 54 Volunteers drawn from different colleges including the partners in Service -18 Members of various Rotaract Clubs [Rotaract is the Youth wing of Rotary]. All this is not possible withoutmeticulous planning and execution with an eye for detail.

Handful info:
A multi color 28 page Hand book was printed with contents: (1) Startwith Rotary and good things happen, Seminar Objective & Coverage, Programme and Resource Presenters Profiles  (2) Message of Rtn John Kenny, Rotary International President (3)  CS Vault to the top  (4) CostAccountant Profession -FAQs answered  (5) CAs Work With World - RtnPrabhakar (6) Better Corporate Governance is the need of the hour - RtnAnil Kumar (7) Human Values & ProfessionalEthics -Rtn. Devendra Desai (7) Rotary Club of Secunderabad West Board of Directors (8) Why join Rotary - 20 Answers (9) My Thoughts & Impressions (Feed back Form)  and (10) Multi-colour 4 Way Test poster inaddition to the  Sponsors advertisements. This Hand book was distributed free of cost to all participants. It has been priced at Rs. 100/- [Rupees One Hundred ] for purchase by any body. 

Doubts cleared:
The question-answer session was ably moderated by Rtn.Anil Kumar, the eBulletin Editor of the Club. The interest generated by the Seminar can be gauged by the huge number of questions received. The speakers answered quite a few questions and have promised to address the remaining through e-mail. This Q & A part of the Seminar  saw budding professionals clearing their doubts about  course core curriculum and the post membership aspects while the experts tried theirbest and giving a more clear picture  about  the required qualities forthose who would like to become CS or CMA or CA professional.
Team up:

Thelucky dip organized by Rtr. Thansen, District Rotaract Representative at the end was a big hit as a dozen lucky participants names were pickedand prizes were given. 
During the break, some visiting Rotarians were heard remarking aboutthe team-spirit which characterizes the Rotary Club of Secunderabad West. This is perceived to be the strength of our Club and only this hasenabled the Club to take up such massive projects. Another proof, if any was needed, of the success of the seminar is the fact that no one involved as organizer or participant was aware that a huge downpour had occurred outside with one of the heaviest rains of the season. 
Report by: Rtn Devendra Desai & Rtn Suryanarayana SV
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