Rotary Club of Secunderabad West

Club Seminar benefits 1000+ youth on HR options

The youthful and enthusiastic human resource aspirants of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, India flocked to Ravindra Bharati on 21st September 2008 for the mega event of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West - A Seminar on "Career Options in Human Resources". The youngsters in colleges look forward to this annual event. When some of our Rotarians went to a college to inform about the seminar, the students were looking forward to the visit since they had been told by their seniors about the last year's seminar on "Career Options In Bio-Technology". The response was overwhelming and, as in the previous years, some students were disappointed as no further seats were available and registrations were closed by 10 AM.

Every participant who registered got a tastefully designed handbook which would be very useful to them in their pursuit ofHR career. The ball was set rolling by the Event Chair and Moderator Rtn. S.V.Suryanarayana, Vice President of our Club. He has been the moving force behind the Seminar from conception to execution. It is customary to invoke the blessings of the Almighty at the beginning of any enterprise. In keeping with tradition, a prayer song was rendered bytwo volunteers Ms. Prasanna & Ms Satya in their mellifluous voices.The Club President, Rtn. N.Siva Kumar welcomed the dignitaries and the participants to the Seminar. He gave a brief overview on the activities of Rotary in general and our Club in particular. He mentioned about the service projects undertaken by our Club and also announced regarding theformation of Rotary Seva Trust. The ever-smiling District Governor, Rtn. Dr.C.Sarat Babu, the Guest of Honour, in a presentation on "Rotarians Walk With Youth" tailored to the target audience, mentioned the various activities of Rotary connected with youth. He underlined theimportance of Rotaract and Interact Clubs and how the members of these clubs in later life became active Rotarians and contributed to society. No doubt, in this, he drew from his own experience (He is the son of a Rotarian and started his tryst with Rotary by becoming a Rotaractor during his college days). He felt that people should not only concentrate on the "art of living" but also on the "art of giving". To make the youth understand the role of Rotary, he mentioned the work being done for eradication of Polio from the face of the earth. He pointed out that India would be the most "youthful" nation in the world in years to come in terms of average age of citizens. Hence, the future belongs to India.

The tone for the Seminar was set by the Chief Guest, Shri K.S.Raju, Chairman, Nagarjuna Group. While speaking of humanresources, he emphasized that human resource was not like other resources: money, machinery etc. In fact, he felt that human resource was the spirit that moved the other resources to achieve the goal. He emphasized this new perspective with various anecdotes. He quoted Swami Vivekananda and explained how his words were relevant today even after acentury. He felt that India should adopt the technology, processes and even the working style of the West but should retain the spirit of Indiaand keep their roots intact. This will help evolve a management style uniquely suitable to our country. Rtn.K.L.Manohar, a senior Rotarian of our Club and the Chairman, Rotary Seva Trust spoke a few lines about theconcept of "Nurture Plants, Save Mankind". With this, the first projectof Rotary Seva Trust was inaugurated and saplings were presented to allthe dignitaries on the dais. Every participant in the Seminar received asapling at the end of the Seminar. 

The Chief guest deposited a Cheque for Rs.25,000/- to the Rotary Seva Trust to indicate that the project was supported by the Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited. With such a "clean and green" beginning, the Rotary Seva Trust is poised to undertake many service projects for the welfare of society. Club Secretary, Rtn.D.J.Desai, in his vote of thanks observed that with each passing year the seminar has grown exponentially and opined that we may have to soon consider holding the seminar in Nizam College Grounds (a place normally chosen as a venue for large rallies and gatherings). He felt this has been possible because of the support received from the Media. The wide coverage given to the seminar was reflected in the response. The delegates came from such far off places as Ongole, Kadapa and Nizamabad. The icing on the cake was the bus-load of delegates from Bhongir , who were here due to the efforts of our own senior Rotarian and past District Governor Rtn. Dr. T.Rangiah. When the Secretary thanked Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana, it was received with a thunderous applause and he was accorded a standing ovation at the end of the Seminar - a fulfilling experience and a proud occasion for the Presidentand Members of the Rotary Club of Secunderabad West.

Rtn Suryanarayana with four presenters

Mr. V.Haribabu, Director, eSoft Consulting Ltd, Hyderabad presented about the Emerging opportunities in HR. He traced the growth in importance of the HR field over the years and how it has now become one of the central disciplines in any organization. He explained how one should go about in understanding the organization one joins and the importance of compliance with law and organization. He stressed the value of ethical behaviour among HR professionals. He also illustrated the role of record keeping and communication for effective HR manangement. His presentation was very crisp and the depth of knowledge of the speaker was evident. 

After a short break when snacks were served to the participants, Mr. P.V.S.Ravindra Varma, DGM, Human Resources, Matrix Labortaries Ltd., Hyderabad had the audience in splits of laughter with his witty one-liners. But, this enabled him not only to retain the attention of the audience but ensured their active participation. He adopted the interactive style and through his presentation outlined what a person recruiting an HR professional looks for in a candidate. When a delegate asked him how an HR professional canbecome a CEO of a company, pat came the reply, "by being born as the son or daughter of the present CEO". After the laughter subsided, he went on to explain how one cultivated various qualities like speaking skills, language skills, and computer skills to rise in the hierarchy. He must certainly have helped a number of those present to opt for a career in HR as much by his presentation as by his personality. Mr. V. Sundar Rao , CEO-Susikkshit HR Consultants, Hyderabad promised a tsunami after the thunderstorm of Shri Ravindra Varma. 

He presented about the challenges in HR. He held the attitude of the boss as the root cause for Attrition. He said that the boss may have a high IQ but he needs to have a good EQ (Emotional Quotient) also. He said that when an employee finds that his Boss has low interpersonal skills, he "fires" the boss byresigning from the job. He mentioned about the various skills needed tohandle the situations that arise in the corporate world. The finishing touch to the seminar was added by the bubbling Senior Analyst, Human Resources Expatriate Support, Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited Mrs. Archana Ramu. She was the youngest speaker of the day and presenteda powerful power point about Better HR qualities for New Generations. True to her topic, she established instant rapport with the 1000 plus audience whose average age she estimated at 22 to 25. Her presentation forcefully brought out the various aspects in the personality of an HR person. By just displaying two photographs - one of a smiling lady and another that of a grouchy one - she brought out how essential it was to smile. She complimented the audience on already acquiring a very important attribute of an HR person by listening for nearly four hours with pin-drop silence. She had the audience with her from the word go and the laughter and applause which punctuated her speech gave ample evidence of her skills as a speaker.

Rtn.B.Sekkizhar, Director-New Generations sprung a surprise. He showed a clipping of the famous Hindi film "Lagaan" and announced a competition for the various colleges. They had to form teamsof 11 - one from each college - and prepare a presentation on "Management techniques brought out by the Hindi film Lagaan".

Swami Anupamanandji of Ramakrishna Math , true to his name (which means "One without an example" in Sanskrit), was non-pareil. He traced the importance given to Human Resources from the times of Swami Vivekananda. 

He emphasized the importance of man-making -that is to say the development of the spark of divinity inherent in each of us. He mentioned how the change in emphasis came about during the ministership of Late Shri P.V.Narasimha Rao when the Education Ministry was changed to Human Resources Development Ministry. The minister had consulted the then head of Ramakrishna Math when taking this decision. He quoted the example of ex-President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and went on to explain how he dedicated his life toserve society and the nation. Swamiji advised the youngsters not to be only career-minded but to inculcate the values of serving society and the nation. 

This, he felt, was the only way a person could achieve greatheights and also have immense satisfaction. These pearls of wisdom, at the end of the session, helped put the entire proceedings in perspectiveand etched an everlasting impression on the young minds. The question-answer session was ably moderated by Rtn.M.S.Raghava, the EventCo-Chair. The interest generated by the Seminar can be gauged by the huge number of questions received. The speakers answered quite a few questions and have promised to address the remaining through e-mail.

The lucky dip organized at the end was a big hit with the participants. The Rotarians , Anns and volunteers felt amply rewarded when Rtn. S.V.Suryanaraya recognized their services. In fact, the District Governor, Rtn.Dr.C.Sarat Babu, was overheard complimenting the President, Rtn.N.Siva Kumar for the team spirit evident in our Club.Though Rtn.S.V.Suryanarayana was THE person behind this seminar, as he magnanimously acknowledged, he has been able to accomplish this only with the direct and indirect help of all the Members of our Club and theeffective assistance of 54 Volunteers, drawn from different colleges, selected and guided by the dynamic Rtn.Kotapati Prabhakar Rao. The proofof the pudding is in eating it, they say. On a Sunday morning, over thousand students, instead of going to a movie or hanging out with friends, made a beeline to the Seminar. This inspires the Rotarians to undertake more such projects in future.

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